Giving Back

There are many ways in which Benjamin Briones Ballet connects with the community, including open ballet classes, community outreach work and at dance festivals. We also support the incredible conservation work of Turtle Conservancy.


Experience the joy of dancing and join Master Teachers at any level and in amny different styles of dance live online through Spindle.


Three Virtual Dance Performances presented on March, 30th 2021 by Benjamin Briones Ballet with MSK Women On The Move to be enjoyed  by In-Patients and Staff at Memorial Sloan Kettering Cancer Center.
Afternoon Gala at Sloan Kettering Cancer Center, January 2020

“On behalf of the patients, their caregivers, and the Adult Recreation Department, we thank you for enriching the patient experience at MSK with this moving dance performance.  The feedback from those in attendance was extremely positive.  “Graceful, mesmerizing, expressive, heart-touching, beautiful, alluring and flawless” are just a few of the words used to describe the performance by the patients and their caregivers.  Many commented that it was one of the best performances they had ever seen and so unexpected that it would take place at a hospital.”


The Round Table Dance Festival


In 2016, Benjamin Briones invited a diverse select group of accomplished, cutting edge national and international choreographers and dance companies to his table creating The Round Table Dance Festival.


Celebrating the art of dance for eight days, dancers performed works by 14 very different choreographers.


“The Round Table 2016 – A Choreographic Event to Remember” Nadine Lavi


In 2021, Benjamin Briones Ballet is hoping to present The Round Table once again. This time, we will introduce talented young New Yorkers to the world of dance allowing them the opportunity to become part of a professional dance company.


Benjamin Briones Ballet is a supporter of the incredible conservation work of Turtle Conservancy.

Turtles and tortoises are among the most threatened groups of animals on the planet, and are in desperate need of conservation help. More than half of their 300+ species are threatened with extinction according to IUCN Red List criteria. Primary threats to turtles and tortoises include habitat loss and degradation, high-volume unsustainable consumptive exploitation for food and medicinal products, and illegal international pet trade.

To find out more and see how you can help visit and follow @turtleconservancy.