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Meet Dannon

Dannon O’Brien


Dannon O’Brien currently lives in New York City and is a graduate of Marymount Manhattan College with a Bachelor of Fine Arts in Dance with a concentration in choreography, and a minor business management. During his time at Marymount, he was trained by some of the most prestigious teachers the dance world has to offer, and performed acclaimed works such as Bill T. Jones’s D.Man in the Water, Robert Battle’s Train, Doug Varone’s Democracy, as well as original works by Al Blackstone, Lorna Ventura, Anthony Ferro and many others. Now, a few years after graduating Dannon has achieved a lot of success in a short time as a dancer. His experience in concert dance has given him the pleasure of working with Frank Women Collective, J. Chen project, and A. Corona Works. He’s also had success in musical theatre and commercial work as well by getting the opportunity to perform on Broadway at the “Gypsey of the Year” showcase that annually raises more than $10 million for AIDS research. As well as his most recent job with Disney Cruise Line. In addition to dancing Dannon’s second love is choreography. He was able to hone his craft at Marymount and experiment with a plethora styles until he found his voice as a choreographer. Professionally, Dannon has presented work with Benjamin Briones Ballet, Peridance, Choreographers Showcase and many other competitions where he’s received high honors and awards. He continues to choreograph in a bevy of genres and is eager to build his resume with experiences; both choreographically and dancing.